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We need of YOUR help! We have recently had to cut in half the number of dogs we have. This is completely due to our lack of a dependable and steady volunteer base! Please don’t think “someone else will do it”.........THAT SOMEONE ELSE IS YOU!!!



Transports to Vet/ Attending Events/ Attending Farmers Market/Shopping/Maintaining the grounds/Cleaning


DOGS DAILY NEEDS: Petting/LOVING/ Walking/Brushing/Bathing/Nail Trims/Ear Cleans/Cleaning Crates/Washing Bowls/Cleaning Dog Pens


If you have trouble contacting us please email and or


Janet and Jojo
Bev & Layla
Bailey and Q
Vol Bailey
Dana and Eli
Bailey and Leigh
Cathy rex.jpg
Benji being busted out of AC by Dana.jpg
Mel and Hope (Lola).jpg
Tracy Decresie.jpg
Dana and BB.jpg
Vol Roger
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