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Where Compassion Meets Action!

Our Mission is to rescue and shelter the community’s abandoned and forgotten animals, in order to prevent cruelty and neglect. Our belief is that both can be wiped out through education and financial assistance. We believe that when you know better you do better! Our education is focused on the importance of spaying and neutering followed up with proper and humane care. Our rescue efforts include rehabilitation, adoption and permanent sanctuary. RTR rescues all animals and strives for a day when cruelty and neglect are replaced with love and respect.




More about what we do:


We work with families in danger of losing their pets due to financial hardships, foreclosure, sickness or other family issues. Our goal is to assist the family in their efforts to keep their pets. Our community outreach program known as the Keep Your Pet Project (KYPP) offers financial assistance or other forms of support to qualifying households, and in the event a pet is displaced, we work to find them a new loving home. We strive to keep animals out of animal control and county facilities, therefore not only saving the life of the animal but also saving the taxpayers money. Our niche’ in animal rescue provides a life preserver to animals before they reach the system!


These services are provided while enforcing mandatory spay and neuter policies, in an attempt to cut down on the number of homeless and abandoned animals through the efforts of KYPP. Another focus of service is feral cat trap neuter and release missions that include daily monitoring, food and vet care to control suffering, disease and the over-population of feral cats. 

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