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Delilah aka Darrah

This Beautiful shepherd mix was brought in to You've Got a Friend Clinic one day while RTR was there with a dog. A young girl came in asking if anyone could take a little puppy she was hoiding in her arms. She was moving and had no place for it to go. RTR and YGF both sprang into action as we knew this girl was going to hand this dog off to anyone and it could wind up in the wrong hands. YGF agreed to keep her overnight and give all shots and deworm but RTR had to take the dog in ultimately. We did that and the rest of the story is like a fairytale. She went from being underweight, full of worms and flea ridden to living as a snowbird in Florida part of the year and spending her summers jogging the oceanside in Ocean City Maryland! We are so happy for our little orphan/princess! Thank you to her Mom and Dad who love her and dote on her very much.


Feral Cat and her kittens

I am holding this space for the feral kitties and their Momma



What a life our Shaggy has now. His fomrer family loved him dearly but could not afford his care and made the difficult choice to offer him a new life. The new family has made him the "Traveling Gnome" LOL. Shaggy jets to Pennsylvania for part of the summer and plays with the local deer. He then hops over to Long Island, where he spends the rest of his summer, before jetting back down to sunny Florida for the cold winter. Of course he does not travel alone, he has his sisters Ellie and ???, and  his Kitty Kat friend in tow. Many of Shaggys adventures are documented on RTR;s facebook page. This boy has a wonderful new Mom and Dad and he just wants his former family to know how grateful he is that they did what was best for him. 


Jay was found in Jay Blanchard Park mortally injured and being chased with a golf cart by a park employee! Luckily for Jay a young couple living nearby witnessed the entire cruel scene. After finally getting poor Jay out of harms way, they took her straight to the ER vet for treatment and over 12 months later she is just recovering from all of her wounds. In the interim, this couple has decided to keep Jay as they feel so much love and attachment to her after the past year. RTR did not do much but offer coverage of only a small part of the $4000 in vet expenses she incurred. We were however the ONLY rescue to step up and answer her plea for help with the vetting and expenses, We also worked on finding Jay a home but this was a true match that could not be broken up!



This sweet senior boy had a Mom who loved him but could no longer care for him. She was broken-hearted when she brought him to us and so was Cash. We took him in with no hair and a bad skin condition but after a bit of TLC he is the beautiful dog you see here. His new family has rolled out the red carpet for him and love him dearly. We did tell Cash's former Mom of his good fate and we sent her pics to show how much he has improved.



After receiving a call about a tiny stray, one of RTR's volunteers went all the way to Davenport to save this him (He is a TRUE dog lover and always goes the extra mile fir animals). After saving him the volunteer could not reach anyone at RTR so he took 'Tony' to a local vet (as he running late for work). The vet did not seem to understand or care and called AC to come and take the dog...shame on them! Our same volunteer went and pulled the dog from the kill shelter and before he made it to Clermont, we had 3 people waiting to adopt. D you made this dogs dreams come true and saved it from certain death....you are a true angel!



A volunteer for RTR found this poor boy thru a friend who needed to relinquish, so she stepped right in and took him in for foster while RTR found placement. This adorable boy wasted no time finding a home! People were clamouring to meet him and he chose a family that has the best human Big Brother in the whole world and the two of them are stuck like glue! We miss you Max but we are certain that you do not miss us at all!!:)


Rosie and Inky

Two perfect gentlmen is exactly what these two are! Relinquished by their family due to divorce, at 8 years of age their chances were slim to find a home together. RTR would not stop trying until we found the perfect home! Now they are happy together and will be loved and cared for by their special Mom!


An update....Inky (tiny black poodle) has been diagnosed with a possible tumor on his lung...sadly he has only 25% of his lung capacity and will require surgery IF the vet does not feel that he is too old to withstand the procedure. He is 9 now and it could be risky. Our prayers are with Inky, his brother Rosie and his Mom.


Max and Sugar

Max and Sugar is a bonded pair that RTR did not want to seperate. Sadly, their family lost their home and was living in a hotel that did not allow for pets. RTR agreed to assist the family with boarding, spay/neuter and shots. After almost 2.5 months it was clear that the family was not close to getting on its feet to allow for Max and Sugar to return home, so they did the responsible, selfless and loving thing and agreed to allow us to place them in a loving home. Now they live in the Keys and summer in Michigan. They have a big brother Pele' and a Kitty! THeir new Mom and Dad flew thru a hurricane to get to them! They have a very busy jet setting life now!



Juno was hit by a car and left in the road to die. Animal Control took him in and realized he was in too bad of shape to save. RTR was contacted and we agreed to handle his surgery and vetting. His hind leg was crushed beyond repair and sadly we had to amputate. A specialist and 2 vets were consulted and not one of them felt that we could save it. He was in excrutiating pain, so we opted to amputate. This boy never missed a beat and in all of the pain and suffering he literally always wore a smile! Now he has a wonderful Mom and Dad who adore him, however,  the bad news keeps coming for poor Juno....having what was thought to be a spider bite on his neck and after weeks of this bite not healing, a biopsy was done that was diagnosed as a rare fungal infection 'Pythiosis' (aka swamp cancer). He was given only months to live but we are not giving up on him....we found a vaccine that has proven to save lives. It does not save every dog but it is his only shot and we are praying and believing that this will cure him. We hope to update this site with wonderful news of recovery and a clean bill of health...stay tuned and please pray for Juno!.



Taken in by a neighbor who noticed neglect and lack of concern for her well being. Maddie was eventually given to RTR. She was quickly snatched up by a foster who ultimately fell madly in love with her. She has a permanent home now with her foster failure parents. lol RTR is always happy when a foster home decides to keep the pet they grow to love, as we know all too well that ripping the dog from them is just another diservice to an already traumatized animal. We are not selfish enough to insist that they give up the animal just so we can keep a foster...though, it would make it alot easier on us....hmmm....O well, no...the dogs come first!. Have a happy life Maddie, we love you!


Buster was rescued from a kill shelter. We had no trouble finding a loving home for him. His foster home fell in love with him and refused to let him go...end of story! 

Angel was taken from a very neglectful situation and had been physically abused. The evidence of her abuse was just healing when a good samaritan rescued her. They reached out to RTR for assistance in placing her and after a short stint of boarding and being socialized she had no trouble finding a loving forever home. She has a sister dog to play with and a loving mom to watch over and love her. We are so happy for you Angel and even happier that loving people like 'A' was there to protect you!

Brady aka Cutch is a beautiful Bassett mix who was relinquished by his family. RTR had no trouble finding him a loving home! He was VERY popular with everyone but he chose to live with 'Crosby' as you can tell by the pic, they are quite the pair! He lives part time in Clermont and part time in the Villages so he is a very busy dog! His former family misses him but did this to give him a safer and happy life. Cutch is a happy boy thanks to their selfless act and his new family is honored to make sure they know how loved he really is!


Ben was relinquished after his owner passed away. Her family asked RTR to place Ben in a loving home and before we could even get him settled in, his foster fell in love and adopted him! We love these stories!!


Ginger was relinquished to RTR and in one day had a foster family....who ended up falling in love and keeping her! Another 'foster failure' but we are so happy it was:)


Kip was a forgotten senior at OCAS. Dumped by his owner and left to wonder what he did wrong. He was one of the BEST dogs we ever saved and because he was a a senior and had a cloudy eye, everyone passed him over for the younger dogs. It was heartbreaking to see him try so hard to get attention at adoption events when younger dogs were there. One day a nice family came upon him and being seniors themselves, decided it was the perfect match! We are so happy for Kip and Mr. 'C' and we know they were a match made in heaven!!


Ozzy was rescued by one of our volunteers/fosters. She took him in and protected him until we found the perfect family to love him forever! It was hard to see Ozzy go but we know he is in the best of hands and loves his new doggy sisters! 


Lincoln was a sad and beautiful senior left to die in a kill shelter. The staff worked hard to let all the rescues know about him. He was riddled with heartworms to the point that to treat him would kill him. So he was considered a hospice senior. No rescue would take him but one of the volunteers from RTR took him in to foster and he is now her baby! He is a happy boy with a wonderful and happy life now! He may not be with us long but for as long as he has his family will treat him like a prince. Visit Lincolns very own facebook page


Dexter was purchased by a family who did not seem to appreciate animals. They bought him 'for the kids' but they soon lost interest and this puppy was left to fend for himslef all night long OUTSIDE!!!! I shudder to think of how he survived and to think a coyote could have taken him is just too much to bear! They only fed him once per day and all he did was cry and bark! WONDER  WHY!? A concerned neighbor who volunteers for RTR approached the family and offered to take Dex and thank heavens they agreed. IF YOU SEE ANIMALS BEING NEGLECTED PLEASE SPEAK UP, as otherwise poor little Dex may have perished. Well, now he is being loved and treated with respect, as EVERY family member should be! He is a happy boy with a large family to love him!! Way to go Dex!!!


Paris was starved and neglected for so long by her so called 'family' and  RTR and concerned neighbors had to sit by and watch helplessly. Finally when she ran loose in the neighborhood (for the 100th time) AC was able to take her in but legally had to allow time for the 'family' to reclaim her. RTR sat with bated breath for the waiting period to end and pulled her immediately after. We had no place to house her so we boarded her at Pawsh Pet Resort and Spa, and they really worked with us to save Paris! She received treatment for heartworms and BEFORE she could even finish, her soon to be Dad found her on Petfinder and drove 1.5 hours to meet her. It was love at first sight, so RTR drove Paris up to check Dad and the digs out and we approved 100%...so did Paris!! We are so happy that this girl will NEVER be neglected again and we are thrilled to have given her a happy new start in life! Paris you deserve this and we hope you enjoy your new life!


Mia was rescued from a bad living situation by a good samaritan who then brought her to RTR. We had no trouble finding this little girl a wonderful home! She is happy and loved by her new family!


Millie was almost hit by a car driven by a very caring person who proceeded to get out and pick this little lost girl up. She was starving and lethargic, just wondering aimlessly in the street. The kind person drove her to her place of business and called every rescue. RTR agreed to take her and we just fell in love with this senior! She is believed to be 12-15yrs old and was NEVER cared for properly so she has several health issues. Her new family did not CARE about any health issues and insisted on giving Millie a loving home for all of her remaining days....and lets hope there are many more to come! We MISS Mille so much at RTR and we truly had an ANGEL in our midst with this little soul!

Ginger new 

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